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The Top 10 Deathcore Albums Of All-Time

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Deathcore has been a negatively viewed genre practically since it's very inception. Much of that is due to it's relation to death metal, which has, for the most part has an older audience, which is not particularly accepting of newer genres. Despite all the criticism it has received over the years, deathcore has in fact been responsible for some of the best metal releases of the past 15 years and has made valuable contributions to heavy music, some of which people are just begging to recognize now. With this said here are what we believe to be the 10 very best deathcore records released tot his date

1. Suicide Silence - The Cleansing (2007) - While not the very first deathcore album, The Cleansing is without much doubt the most important. This record started a craving for this style and quite frankly, none have done it better since.

2. Thy Art Is Murder - Hate (2012) - The Aussie deathcore act gave rise to brutal deathcore with their sophomore effort, "Hate". While there are now dozens and dozens of slamming deathcore bands, none are able to reach this records level of raw heaviness while still maintaining a semblance of musicality.

3. Make Them Suffer - Neverbloom (2012) - Another Australian band, Make Them Suffer showed that deathcore didn't just have to be about breakdowns and seeing how heavy you could sound, although they are capable of that as well. Neverbloom brought a new sense of atmosphere and melody to the genre and continues to hold up very well.

4. Despised Icon - The Ills Of Modern Man (2007) - Quebec natives, Despised Icon are a bit of an odd fit on this list as they play deathcore in a different way than most bands. Rather than feeling like a blend of all the styles deathcore contains, they feel like they play the influences separately at different points in each song. There is hardcore parts, death metal parts, and grindcore parts which when combined into a song make up deathcore but with a very different approach. Without this album, many of the other bands on this list would not exist.

5. Job For A Cowboy - Doom (2005) - This record started it all for this entire genre, what more needs to be said? From breakdowns, to pig squeals, to melodic tremolo riffing, this album set the blueprint for deathcore and remains one of its most highly held releases.

6. Molotov Solution - The Harbinger (2009) - This is a radically political centrist anarchist record, which may turn some listeners off. If that's of no concern to you, you'll find a record packed with hard hitting songs that are both memorable and technically proficient.

7. Whitechapel - This Is Exile (2008) - While not their first release, this record exposed the metal world to one of the greatest extreme metal vocalist in history, Phil Bozeman, which is important on its own. This Is Exile was perhaps the first deathcore release that some fans of death metal could get into thus helping to bring in a new audience for the genre.

8. Suicide Silence - No Time To Bleed (2009) - Their second on the list, one could argue they even deserve three spots. No Time To Bleed was less chaotic, more down-tuned, and groovier than The Cleansing. To follow up such a landmark record with another release this strong is an astonishing feat by Suicide Silence.

9. Enterprise Earth - Luciferous (2019) - One of only two recent releases to make the list, Luciferous ushers in a new era of deathcore, breaking free from preconceived notions of the genre's limitations. This record is both beautiful and brutal. something not easy to accomplish in any extreme metal genre. Enterprise Earth can prove to be a new standard -bearer for this musical style.

10. Carnifex - World War X - (2019) - Somehow Carnifex seems to be the only of the original crop of deathcore bands to actually get better as the years went on. Starting as a somewhat generic band in the scene, Carnifex has transformed into a blend of symphonic black metal and deathcore creating an epic sound to their songs with ever increasingly dark story telling. The band has continued to age like fine wine with each new release.

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