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Vs Review: August Burns Red vs Parkway Drive

Since these bands are very closely linked but Have a different number of records in their discographies, we'll be excluding August Burns Red's first record without Jake Luhrs on vocals as well as their newest release.

Parkway Drive - Killing with a Smile (2005)

Grade: A+

August Burns Red - Messengers (2007)

Grade: B

Parkway Drive - Horizons (2007)

Grade: B+

August Burns Red - Constellations (2009)

Grade: A+

Parkway Drive - Deep Blue (2010)

Grade: A

August Burns Red - Leveler (2011)

Grade: B-

Parkway Drive - Atlas (2012)

Grade: A-

August Burns Red - Rescue & Restore (2013)

Grade: A+

Parkway Drive - Ire (2015)

Grade: C+

August Burns Red - Found in Far Away Places (2015)

Grade: A-

Parkway Drive - Reverence (2018)

Grade: D+

August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem (2017)

Grade: B+

Final Grades

August Burns Red:

Prime: A

Longevity: A

It Factor: B-

Musicianship: A+

Recent Years: B+

Overall: A

Parkway Drive:

Prime: A+

Longevity: A

It Factor: A

Musicianship: A+

Recent Years: C

Overall: A-

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