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Vs: Fit For a King - Creation / Destruction vs The Plot in You - Could You Watch Your Children Burn

It may surprise many now to see Fit For a King and The Plot in You compared, however, at one point these bands were practically brother bands socially. The bands early career paths were bizarrely similar, putting out their albums extremely close together and playing a style of nearly equal parts metalcore and deathcore that was rarely utilized. Once the bands hit their third record cycle's they had next to no similarities left but for the first couple of releases these bands could be mistaken for one another. Fit For a King has stayed in the heavy metalcore lane while The Plot has taken a more alternative metal style. Let's compare the sophomore records from each of these artist and see who was doing it better.

Fit For a King - Creation / Destruction - 2013 - Easily one of the heaviest metalcore albums of this generation, at times feeling more like deathcore.


Heaviness: A+

Songwriting : B

Clean Vocals: B+

Originality: B-

Memorability: A-

Overall: A-

The Plot in You - Could You Watch Your Children Burn - 2013 - The record shown some signs of the bands shift in sound, even incorporating some nu-metal influence, still overall a very heavy emotional album


Heaviness: B

Songwriting : B+

Clean Vocals: A-

Originality: B+

Memorability: B

Overall: B+

Final Verdict: In the final tally, Creation / Destruction edges out Could You Watch Your Children Burn but it's certainly a close decision. This would prove to be a significant time period for each band as they split from each other post-2013. Both bands were still bringing some of the heavier tracks of the 2010's era of metalcore and it's impossible to go wrong with either record.

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