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Top 10 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2020

10) Sevendust - The band has aged like fine wine, their experimentation with progressive metal and metalcore has kept them fresh over the years.

9) Gojira - While the group has drifted from their death metal roots, they continue to inovate and make exciting music, expecting no different with their next release.

8) Trivium - They regained any previously lost momentum with their most recent record, it's going to be fun to see if they continue down a reinvigorated path of heaviness.

7) Dance Gavin Dance - Many fans feel the group has hit their prime with their last several releases, leaving many anticipating their next output.

6) Silent Planet - Hands down one of the best metalcore bands to come along in recent years, each release of theirs is fantastic and there are no signs of that changing.

5) Underoath - Detractors have been plenty on the sound and style change of Underoath, in our opinion they added a new refreshing touch to an often stale post-hardcore landscape.

4) Code Orange - The previous record grew on me more and more with each listen, Code Orange has been instrumental in expanding the horizons of hardcore and I can't wait to see what they do next.

3) Cane Hill - It's extremely interesting to see what direction Cane Hill decides to take on in 2020, they are seemingly steering away from the nu-metal sound, I am very confident they can pull off whatever they chose to pursue.

2) Avenged Sevenfold - After making the brave and bold move to step away from all commercial traits to drop a surprise progressive metal album, who knows what is next for A7X, but we're excited to find out.

1) Fit For A King - Easily the most exciting metalcore band of the past decade or so, each record showcases the bands excellent knack for catchy hooks and crushing breakdowns amd it's exciting what they pull out of their bag of tricks next.

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