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Top 10 Bands of The New Era of Hardcore

10) Vein - Partially responsible for the recent craze of nu-metal aesthetics in hardcore, very experimental and willing to push boundaries and try things that are unconventional in the genre

9) Sanction - One of several recent hardcore bands utilizing elements of the very early deathcore sound, quick and hard hitting, no wasted time and no filler tracks to be found

8) Left Behind - Blending their obvious Pantera influence into hardcore extremely well, powerful vocals sometimes reminiscent of early 2000's Corey Taylor

7) Renounced - One of the only bands attempting to revive the early Killswitch Engage and Misery Signals style of early 2000's metalcore and they're doing it quite well without sounding like a nostalgia grab and they still have the potential to accomplish much more

6) Kublai Khan - While meathead hardcore is often used as a negative connotation, Texas' Kublai Khan pulls it off in the best way possible, endless gym anthems are a plenty, one of the top mosh starting bands in the game

5) Harms Way - While they have been around for awhile now, Harms Way has really found their footing with their last two releases, bringing influences from industrial and nu-metal to further expand their music diversity

4) Counterparts - Perhaps the band with the largest legacy on the list, they've spent years building a dedicated fan-base and earning the respect of their fellow bands and fans alike, a great bridge between metalcore and hardcore

3) SeeYouSpaceCowboy - As unlikely as it may seem, somehow SeeYouSpaceCowboy made it cool to mix influences from scene metalcore and MySpace core with hardcore and it works better than anyone could have possibly thought, they are doing something utterly unique at this point in time

2) Code Orange - Vitally important to the resurgence of hardcore, the first hardcore band since Hatebreed to garner as much media attention as they did, now they are pushing genre limits with increased industrial and electronic experimentation

1) Knocked Loose - Without a doubt the kings of the hardcore scene right now, popping up on album of the year lists everywhere, selling out venue sizes that no bands in this scene have done in quite some time, truly one of the hottest and most important fresh bands there is right now

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