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The Top 10 Songs Of 2019

2019 was an outstanding year for heavy music, the best in quite some time in our opinion. This list was extremely difficult to make with the plethora of great material released this year, however we did our best and here is what we believe the top ten tracks of 2019.

10) While She Sleeps - Anti-Social - Raw, established an evolution in the bands sound, maintains punk vibes with slight nu-metal influence

9) Kublai Khan - Us & Them - Groovy, nasty hardcore, tons of memorable lyrics and crushing breakdowns

8) Motionless In White - Disguise - Great combination of their different styles, extremely catchy chorus, fits right in with some of their best tracks

7) Angelmaker - Hollow Heart - Punishingly heavy, one of the best breakdowns of 2019, outstanding vocals

6) SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Late December - Fantastically done throwback to earlier 2000's metaclore, both beautiful and chaotic

5) Knocked Loose - ...And Still I Wander South - one of the most important tracks to the bands breakout year, great raw energy

4) Periphery - Blood Eagle - A masterpiece of songwriting, both technical and catchy, helped keep the album relevant throughout the entire year

3) Of Mice & Men - Gravedancer - An extremely pleasing return to form for the group, heavy and groovy, stands as one of the bands best songs to date

2) Motionless In White - Code - A step into nu-metalcore pulled off very well, reminiscent of early Linkin Park

1) Crystal Lake - Aeon - A stunning music video, pushing metalcore to it's heaviest threshold before it turns into deathcore, hardcore vibes, brutal vocals, fantastic drumming performance

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