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The Top 10 Singles of 2020 So Far

While there have been many great tracks and records so far in 2020, as we hit the halfway point of the year we figured it’d be a fun idea to highlight what we believe to be the very best songs released so far.

10) Silent Planet - Trilogy - A great single time set the table for the bands upcoming album. Silent Planet is ever reliable to bring something meaningful, heavy, and beautiful to the table.

9) Make Them Suffer - Erase Me - Perhaps the most emotional metal track of the year so far. This was the highlight of a nice record from the Aussie metalcore act.

8) Dance Gavin Dance - Prisoner - This won’t me the proggy post-hardcore legends only appearance on this list. Honestly we could’ve put half of this release on here.

7) The Wise Man’s Fear - Firefall - A band we had a while back and completely forgot about but we’re thankful they came back on our radar with their fantastic new record including this intense and heavy single.

6) Polaris - Hypermania - This track has a wonderful raw production style that fits perfectly for the direction of the track.

5) Code Orange - Underneath - This whole album could fill the top 10 if we really wanted to do that. It’s a masterpiece.

4) Attila - Cancelled - This is a bit of a surprising one. Attila returned to action in 2020 with a fun track featuring a crushing breakdown that’s sure to be one of the best of the year.

3) Eskimo Callboy - Hypa Hypa - This one came out of left field for me. I’ve never paid much attention to this band but this single is absolutely infectious. This is a masterfully written track that could easily become a mainstream hit if it was performed without screaming by a pop artist.

2) Dance Gavin Dance - Strawberries Wake - The continuation of the always entertaining Strawberry chronicles. Jon Mess makes this track with his wild and chaotic and often hilarious vocals. This one has been on repeat since it’s release.

1) Code Orange - Swallowing The Rabbit Whole - No surprise here. Accompanied by an outstanding music video, this track is pure chaos and constantly jarring the listener in different directions. It’s hard to see this one being topped this year.

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