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The Top 10 Most Underrated Bands

10) My Ticket Home - Started the new crop of heavily nu-metal influenced bands but get almost entirely no credit for it

9) Divine Heresy - One of the best bands of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal are often forgotten. They were an excellent blend of all forms of modern extreme metal

8) Affiance - One of the catchiest and cleanest sounding metalcore bands with arguably the best lead vocals in metalcore history, hard to comprehend why this band achieve such little success

7) Taproot - A band that managed to make nu-metal as non-cheesy as possible with a great taste of post-hardcore and Alice in Chains influence as well

6) Molotov Solution - Unsung legends of deathcore with one of the ten best records in the genres history but have been all but forgotten now

5) Bleeding Through - While they've inspired many metalcore bands they haven't ever quite gotten the attention they deserve from fans which is why they have gone on several hiatuses

4) Breakdown of Sanity - Easily one of the best heavy metalcore bands to ever participate in the genre. Being from Germany severely hampered their international success

3) Like Moths to Flames - Despite having a relatively large fanbase they're never put amongst the genres best bands, which they deserve to be

2) Winds of Plague - Way ahead of their time in the deathcore scene, genre bending way before it became a thing in the genre. The band hardly has an audience left which is quite sad for such a great creative group

1) Sevendust - Don't get me wrong they've had a wonderful career and achieved fairly high amounts of success but they've never managed to be lifted among their genres best bands when in actuality they are a top 5 all-time nu-metal/alternative metal Mount Rushmore

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