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The Top 10 Most Risky Albums

10) Motionless In White - Reincarnate (2014) - The band transitioned to a very industrial style at a time it was considered very uncool to do so

9) Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil (2005) - Switched from one of the founders of the metalcore genre to a more rock n roll themed metal band, risked alienating their fanbase and not catching on with new fans.

8) Bring Me The Horizon - Amo (2019) - While they already departed from their metalcore style previously, this was a full on venture into pop-centric music

7) Metallica - Metallica (1991) - Moved away from a thrash rooted sound to a very high budget, high level production sound with influence of pop songwriting

6) Korn - Untitled (2007) - Totally stripped away their signature sound, used a pop songwriting team, tried industrial and progressive elements, an overall extremely strange record

5) Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight (2007) - Their first album after the death of nu-metal, anything they did hear was going to be a risk

4) Job For Cowboy - Genesis (2007) - After giving birth to the term deathcore as a full-fledged genre, they abruptly switched to a straight-ahead death metal band, turning down the clear opportunity to be one of the leaders of a new popular underground genre

3) Underoath - Erase Me (2018) - A drastic change in style for a beloved metalcore-post-hardcore band, took chances on incorporating new influences with little care of what critics thought or of commercial viability

2) Korn - The Path of Totality (2011) - Almost completely dropped the use of their founding instruments to pursue the use of dub-step has their root sound, while not a popular decision it took a massive amount of courage to attempt such an outrageous change

1) Slipknot - Iowa (2001) - Coming off a massively successful debut record the band scoffed at the chance to pursue more mainstream success and instead chose to make a brutal, heavy record nearly void of any commercial value

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