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The Top 10 Discographies Of The Decade

1) Avatar - The most unique and compelling releases of the decade. To come from obscurity in their native Sweden to headlining 2,000 capacity venues in America is a testament to the bands work ethic and connection with their fans. Extremely original and no two albums sound the same. Recommended Release: Hail The Apocalypse

2) Fit For A King - The most consistent metalcore band of the decade. Picked up the torch from the bands of the past and now are the standard-bearers for the heavier side of metalcore. Each album brings a mix of crushing bangers and soaring choruses with some of the best singing in all of metal. If you're a fan of the heavier side of the scene, this is an essential band for you to listen to. Recommended Release: Slave To Nothing

3) Dance Gavin Dance - Constantly evolving, constantly innovating. Not afraid to push or test any boundaries. I am convinced that this band can literally pull off any style they desire to play. Each and every one of their records have their own stand out endearing qualities. Recommended Release: Acceptance Speech

4) Motionless In White - Has evolved tremendously throughout the decade whether you like those advancements or not, the band deserves credit for not allowing themselves to become stale and repetitive. You're never really going to mistake songs off of one of their albums for another which is vital to a band having longevity. They are one of the most important metalcore bands to the scenes vitality there has ever been. Recommended Release: Infamous

5) The Dillinger Escape Plan - This band is legendary for a reason, there is truly nobody as chaotic or wild, although many have tried. The wildness never feels forced either, and when they feel like it Dillinger can make some of the best rock songs of the decade as well. If this was an "of the last 20 years" list they would be number one. Recommended Release: Option Paralysis

6) Of Mice & Men - Somehow managed to put out several of the best metalcore albums of the decade despite turmoil and huge lineup changes, a true testament to the groups talent and commitment. As time goes on more people will grow to have a deep appreciation for what Of Mice & Men have accomplished. Recommended Release: EARTHANDSKY

7) Silent Planet - One of the most artistic bands to ever come along in metalcore. Everything they do as an unteachable level of authenticity to it. They excel at blending chilling sonic atmosphere's with heavy pounding guitar tones. One of the most special bands to come along in quite some time and it feels as though they still have much more to offer. Recommended Release: Everything Was Sound

8) Thy Art Is Murder -The band that has really waved the flag for deathcore this decade as many of the others have either made drastic changes or faded into obscurity. The group operates on another level that is really impossible to put into words, they just play in a different style than any other band of their genre. With "Holy War" they opened the doors for deathcore to finally begin to earn some critics respect as well. They are easily the most important band in their genre of the past ten years. Recommended Release: Hate

9) The Word Alive - While quite drastically changing over the years, The Word Alive has never come across as having sold out. They make the music they genuinely want to create and deserve much respect for staying true regardless of what others want to hear. Recommended Release: Life Cycles

10) Beartooth - Caleb Shomo is simply the most talented man in the scene today. He can write, record, and perform a record completely on his own. There may not be a better chorus writing band than Beartooth as they will get stuck in your head for weeks. Beartooth has a unique and original brand of rock n roll inspired energy packed post-hardcore that makes them one of the best artists of the decade. Recommended Release: Disgusting

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