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The Top 10 Best EP's In The History of Metal

10) Can't Swim - Foreign Language - A transition away from pop punk into a much heavier hardcore style, They pulled it off in strides and left fans much to look forward to.

9) Dealer - Soul Burn - The album quickly gained tons of buzz in the scene and the band have already put out two songs that have surpassed one million streams in just over a year of being a band.

8) Cane Hill - Kill The Sun - It's an drastically different approach from the band's usual heavy nu metalcore/alt metal material doing an acoustic rock somber EP

7) The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie - This EP marked a change in the band's style from the often mocked scene metalcore style with auto-tuned singing to a more classic metalcore sound produced by As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis

6) Knocked Loose - Pop Culture - This was the first release by the futrue of modern hardcore and showed what the band can offer

5) Beartooth - Sick - It established one of the biggest bands of the 2010.s and differentiated them from Attack! Attack!

4) Silent Planet - Come Wind, Come Weather - It was one of the first takes on the modern metalcore sound and showed just how important a band and the meaning of their music can be

3) Motionless In White - When Love Met Destruction - It displayed the style that they would go on to use on their breakout debut album Creatures

2) Bullet For My Valentine - Hand of Blood - This was the beginnings of one of the biggest metalcore bands of all time, the self titled track Hand of Blood alone makes this ep worthy of this spot

1) Job For A Cowboy - Doom - Laid the groundwork for deathcore and fully launched it as a commercially viable genre

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