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The Top 10 Bands That Shaped My Music Taste

1) Suicide Silence - I would have never gotten into extreme metal without this band. Nearly everything I listen to today was made palatable for me by Suicide Silence.They are hands down the reason I listen to the styles of music I enjoy today.

2) Motionless In White - The reason metalcore is my favorite genre today. They weren't the very first metalcore band I enjoyed but they are the reason I love this genre. Something about the band immediately resonated with me and that feeling has never faded.

3) Slipknot - I think myself, like many others, can say that Slipknot was their gateway band into more extreme music. Without their early albums I never would've gotten adjusted or acquired a taste for harsh vocals.

4) Korn - This was the first band that was very dark that I can remember getting into. Without Korn I don't know If I would have been ready to hear music that explores such dark themes. Not to mentioned the down-tuned guitars as well.

5) The Dillinger Escape Plan - It's puzzling to me that I got into this band as young as I did. For many, The Dillinger Escape Plan takes dozens and dozens of listens to even begin to understand but for whatever reason they immediately connected with me and helped adjust me to avant garde music.

6) Whitechapel - While Suicide Silence is the band that really pushed me into extreme metal, it was actually Whitechapel that I listened to first. I had never heard anything like Phil Bozeman's vocals before and it had just the right amount of groove to make it a bit more listenable.

7) A Day To Remember - ADTR did me a great service as far as expanding my mind and helping me get out of the mindset that everything needs to be heavy. Getting to into this group helped open up a door to a very large group of bands that I now love.

8) Knocked Loose - Until I got into Knocked Loose I surprisingly was not a very big fan of hardcore. Much of the hardcore I was previously exposed to was very formulaic and boring. After giving Knocked Loose a chance and loving it I was able to find a whole crop of hardcore bands that I greatly enjoy.

9) Dance Gavin Dance - Even after first hearing this band I wasn't instantly a huge fan , but I did respect what they were doing. After a few listens they grew on me and are now one of my favorite bands on the planet. They, perhaps more than any other band, expanded what types of vocal ranges I enjoy.

10) As I Lay Dying - One of the earliest metalcore bands I got into. They have always been more so one of my brothers bands but without hearing them so frequently I never would have searched out more metalcore.

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