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The Top 10 Bands From Asia Right Now

It is a very exciting time for metal in Asia right now. A plethora bands from the continent are coming up right now with unique and interesting styles making some of metal's best music. Something unique to Asian music that I love is their general unawareness of what is "cool" or "hip" in the Western scene therefore allowing much wider range of creative freedom without fear of what others may think. Here are 10 of the best bands going in the Asian scene today.

1. Crystal Lake - Japan - Metalcore, Progressive Metal - Easily one of the best things going in metalcore right now anywhere in the world. The band is making some of the heaviest and simultaneously some of the most technical music in the genre right now.

2. Maximum The Hormone - Japan - Avant-Garde , J-Pop, Metalcore, Death Metal, Progressive Metal - One of the weirdest and most exciting bands in metal. They have no regard for genre boundaries and will switch from death metal to pop in an instant, pulling it off seamlessly.

3. Crossfaith - Japan - Metalcore, Dubstep, - Tastefully mixing electronics and Metalcore. One of the most energetic and fun live bands in the world right now.

4. Nocturnal Bloodlust - Japan - Deathcore, Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Heavy Metal - One of the most talented vocalist in the world. Some of the best guitar playing in metal. Only problem is the bands output is mostly EP's.

5. Her Name In Blood - Japan - Deathcore (early), Metalcore - Started out very early to the technical deathcore trend then moved on to carrying the torch for the old school metalcore sound. Even blends elements of American Southern metalcore and pulls it off quite well.

6. Coldrain - Japan - Post-Hardcore - Nearly every song they make sounds like a hit. Like if you mixed early Linkin Park with some metalcore tendencies. Very puzzling why this band isn't bigger in The United States especially with a half American vocalist.

7. Annalyn - Thailand - Metalcore, Hardcore - Very reminiscent of The Ghost Inside and early For The Fallen Dreams but has shifted their sound a bit in recent years. The band is starting to gain some momentum and is poised to put out their best work so far in 2020.

8. Bomb At Track - Thailand - Rap Metal - The best thing to come along in rap metal in many years. They have often been compared to Rage Against The Machine. They have done an excellent job capturing an authentic 90's feel.

9. Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Japan - Electronic-core, Metalcore - Starting out as a band heavily reliant on scene culture, they have matured greatly over the years into a mix of crushing beats and heavy breakdowns.

10. Project Mishram - India - Progressive Metal - The group only has a few tracks out but they are extremely interesting and loaded with potential. They remind me a bit of Periphery and Tesseract. I see a very bright future for this band.

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