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The Top 10 Albums of the New Era of Hardcore

10) Employed To Serve - Eternal Forward Motion - 2019 - Bringing a technical approach to hardcore that isn't often seen, Employed To Serve brings some new tools to the shed. Hints of Korn and Slipknot, as well as some doom are sprinkled into the pounding hardcore riffs with favorable results. This is a top tier release from one of the most promising newer bands of the scene

9) Harms Way - Posthuman - 2018 - The band further implements outside inspiration from industrial music and continues to add new flavors to their heavy groove hardcore signature style creating a fresh record that is likely their best effort to date

8) Kublai Khan - Absolute - 2019 - While this album doesn't offer all that much in the way of complexity or technical prowess, it more than makes up for that with it's sheer power and unfiltered aggression. Filled with chunky riffs and fantastic one-liners, this record pleased the large majority of the core scene fan-base

7) Knocked Loose - Laugh Tracks - 2016 - This may very well go down as one of the most important records of the past 15 years or so in hardcore. Laugh Tracks gave birth to a renewed interest in the hardcore scene. Alongside with Code Orange's "I Am King", this album established new blood at the top of the modern hardcore scope

6) Code Orange - I Am King - 2014 - Seemingly over night Code Orange became the new buzz worthy golden-child of hardcore with this record. It's easy to see why there was such a burst of excitement behind this band, the albums packs a heavy punch with its brutal unending breakdowns coming one after the other giving the listener no time ti brace for impact

5) Vein - Errorzone - 2018 - Right from the job Vein had their packaging and delivery perfectly mapped out, much like one of their biggest inspirations, Slipknot. Errorzone sounds like it was pulled straight from the 90's complete with the aesthetic and soundscape that makes for a intriguing and attention grabbing release

4) Renounced - Beauty is a Destructive Angel - 2019 - While from a purely sonic aspect, this fits more under metalcore in the vein of early Killswitch Engage and Misery Signals, Renounced is fully emerged and embraced in the hardcore scene. This release proves that putting an updated touch on an old sound that people love can make for something special and feel new once again

3) SeeYouSpaceCowboy - The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds - 2019 - A maturation from their more all-over-the-place approach on previous releases. The record is still utter chaos but delves deeper into Misery Signal territory with harshly screamed heartfelt tracks and frantic pulsing bangers

2) Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue - 2019 - This album lit up the entire metal and core world, garnering attention from nearly every major publication. This record is packed with unforgettable track after track. Besides just being a great record, this release fully launched hardcore back into forefront of heavy music

1) Code Orange - Forever - 2017 - It may not be hip to love this band any longer because for some reason in this scene once you get signed to a major label, many fans turn on you, however Forever is a masterpiece of modern hardcore fused with industrial influence from Nine Inch Nails. Code Orange does the best job of any band on this list of pushing the boundaries of what is considered hardcore and not caring what anyone else has to say about it. That is what being an innovator is all about

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