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The 10 Most Ahead of Their Time Metal Bands

10) Code Orange - Adding industrial to hardcore, creating a whole new unexplored lane in their scene

9) Job For A Cowboy - The first band to be fully categorized as deathcore

8) Underoath - First combined black metal, death metal and hardcore making for an unheard of style, then created their own style of post hardcore

7) Rage Against The Machine - Mixed rap and hardcore to create rap metal

6) Faith No More - Paved the way for experimentation in metal, brought funk, hip hop, , jazz influence

5) Meshuggah - Innovated the sound now known as djent, popularized odd time signatures in extreme metal

4) Killswitch Engage - Created the formula of modern metalcore

3) Pantera - Breakdowns, groove metal, alternating between singing and screaming

2) Death - invented death metal, put melody in extreme metal, high-pitched screams

1) Korn - Down-tuned guitars, changed the lyrical themes in metal

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