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Review: Loathe - I Let It in and It Took Everything

If you are not yet aware, Loathe are a five-piece band, native to Liverpool, England, UK. The group is rooted in the hardcore scene but expands widely on outside influences including heavy Deftones vibes. After singing to Sharptone records and the release of several singles, there is mounting expectations for Loathe's new record titled "I Let It in and It Took Everything". Lets take a look and analyze each track to see if the band has hit the mark and delivered on their potential.

1. Theme - Just a silent intro track to set up the real first song

2. Aggressive Evolution - A pummeling, aggressive quick-start with rapid shifts into Deftones-esque atmospheric vocals

3. Broken Vision Rhythm - Strong nu-metal style bounce to accompany a frantic guitar riff, unrelenting and unfiltered

4. Two-Way Mirror - Capitalizing on the shoegaze elements they have shown to have a fondness for, creating a beautiful and peaceful song, the type of track that can be enjoyed by fans of any musical genre

5. 451 Days - A short interlude solely meant to reset the pallet before the next track

6. New Faces in the Dark - Tons of shifts in riffing and dizzying dissonance with a heavy dose of djenty metalcore similar to heavier moments of Northlane, a great crowd-moving track and one that will be on repeat for many fans of the hardcore scene

7. Red Room - Two minutes of unwavering chaos, no filler, no time to breathe, just a hammering groove until the deed is done

8. Screaming - A more relaxed track expertly placed here to shift the pace after the decimation of the previous two, a head-bobbing groove riff and some excellent guitar work gives the soft and sweetly sung vocals the ideal finishing touch

9. Is It Really You? - A dreary and dreamy track, something that sounds like it could have been a staple of rock/metal radio in the early 2000's, a very well written track that allows the band to showcase their capabilities outside of making aggressive music

10. Gored - Right from the onset of fuzzy guitars and a maniacal creeping build, you can tell this is going to be a thrilling track, the tone is set immediately with the first pounding riff, the guttural vocals are used infrequently enough that they really leave a punishing impression when implemented, the double bass drum is absolutely mesmerizing on this track, a truly perfect song

11. Heavy is the Head That Falls with the Weight of a Thousand Thoughts - The track begins with a very Deafheaven inspired black metal tinged style before evolving into a djent metalcore filled banger, a great combination of influences

12. A Sad Cartoon - A beautiful track that sounds like it's capable of being a rock chart hit, a showcase that the band is capable of making huge sounding songs if they desire to do so

13. A Sad Cartoon (Reprise) - Interlude

14. I Let It in and It Took Everything - Perfect closer with traces of heavy chaotic metal and a softer toned alternative and shoegaze approach

In conclusion, I am stunned by this album. For a band that is still relatively brand new, they have such a good hold on what they're striving for and pull no punches on their approach. Every note of every song feels thought out and calculated. Loathe is simply miles ahead of many of their peers and while the year is still early, it will undoubtedly be an album of the year contender. This won't be one we forget any time soon.

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