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Review: Higher Power - 27 Miles Underwater

Higher Power is an up and coming group from Leeds, UK with something very fresh to add to the hardcore scene.While the band comes from and identifies themselves with the DIY culture and ethos, their sound is more in line with post-hardcore bands such as Helmet and Taproot. The band got off to a great start with 2017's debut LP, Soul Structure and a recording deal with major label RoadRunner Records has placed a massive amount of hype on the quintets sophomore effort. Many bands often falter after such a major career move like signing with a label with large global distribution, we will see if he promising High Power can avoid the fate of many bands that have come before them.

The record kicks off with the track Seamless, which balances on the line between hardcore and alternative rock, something the band pulls off seamlessly on this record, no pun intended. It is clear from the onset this is less rooted in hardcore than the groups previous material, with obvious influences from acts like Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Deftones, Glassjaw and even Linkin Park. In the Meantime is an excellent acoustic ballad that picks up at it's mid-point with a short burst of guitar. Low Season is a highlight of this record, easily sounding like it could have been a radio staple of the early 2000's radio fit with it's anthemic chorus and ear-worm melody. Over the next few tracks take a bit of a dark turn lyrical and the bands knack for tackling a wide array of subjects in their music. One of the best examples of the groups ability to make infectious endearing songs out of unusual subjects is the song Staring At The Sun, which is about a dog. As funny as that may sound, it is something that sets Higher Power apart from their peers and makes them deeply relatable. Each track rolls along smoothly and I can honestly say there wasn't a single song I was growing tired of or anxious to skip.

27 Miles Underwater does itself many favors with it's wide ranging list of inspirations, it should be able to connect with multiple generations of rock and hardcore fans. The different styles and genres Higher Power chose to employ here are carefully and excellently selected to make complete sense in the context of their musical message. Not a single track feels out of place on this record. The band manages to bring a heavily alt. rock inspired style to the mix without losing their hardcore vibe. Higher Power has shown incredible growth as songwriters on this record, whether you're a fan of their move towards alternative rock or not, one has to acknowledge their ability to write memorable catchy tracks in this style. With this new found musical direction and major label support, a massively bright future appears to be clear for Higher Power. This is just a flat out fun and enjoyable record and was pleasure to listen to. It's getting a 4.5 out of 5 stars from us.

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