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Ranked: Underoath

8. The Changing of Times (2002) - While still a great release this was very much a transitional album as the band was experimenting with a change in sound and it would also be former vocalist, Dallas Taylor's, last record with the band. Possibly their most emotional album but still a bit of an odd time for the band.

7. Erase Me (2018) - Arguably one of the best albums of 2018, the records placement at 7 just illustrates how strong Underoath's discography is. By far the groups most melodic album, they showed they can still succeed even when going in a different direction than they had ever gone before.

6. Cries of the Past (2000) - The band's sophomore record would be their last before a massive overhaul in sound. One could argue the bands early material is proto-deathcore. This record sounds like nothing else from its time and is extremely impressive for such a young band.

5. Act of Depression (1999) - Excellent for a debut despite rough production. The band was nearly impossible to fit into any genre at this time. The record is dripping with raw emotion as that was former vocalists Dallas Taylor's strongest skill as a frontman.

4. Lost in the Sound of Separation (2008) - At the time of it's release this was the bands heaviest album with vocalist, Spencer Chamberlain. Here the band began to mark a shift toward more of a post-hardcore style. Some of the groups catchiest, yet progressive songs can also be found here. Starting with this record down to number one marks the "classic" era for the band.

3. They're Only Chasing Safety (2004) - This album marked a turning point for the band. It was the groups first release to go gold and also displayed to fans and critics that were album to make songs with an element of catchiness and melody without sacrificing any integrity. This record is largely the reason Underoath is known.

2. Define the Great Line (2006) - Still Underoath's highest selling record to date. The heaviness and technicality is stepped up quite a bit from the more mellow "They're only Chasing Safety". This record also marked huge vocal improvements from frontman Spencer Chamberlain and perhaps the bands most concerted effort on musical proficiency.

1. Ø Disambiguation (2010) -This is the bands only record without founding member, drummer Aaron Gillespie but they did not miss a bit. This is easily their heaviest and darkest record post Dallas Taylor. Worth noting as well is that this marks a full turn towards a post-hardcore style for Underoath. In our opinion this is their finest work and will most likely by the group themselves nor many other bands in general.

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