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Ranked: Trivium

8) The Crusade - Trivium themselves have admitted that they do not look back at this release very fondly. Coming off of an album that grew much hype around them Trivium took their early Metallica influences that they were once praised for and cranked them up to 11 making for a level of Metallica worship that was just too much to find joy in this record.

7) Silence In The Snow - Now this is a difficult album to grade as it is the only Trivium release without screaming, which is solely because vocalist Matt Heafy had just had throat surgery. The lack of screamed vocals makes this feel a bit more like a power metal record. While not terrible, "Silence In The Snow", doesn't quite live up to what the band is capable of.

6) Ember To Inferno - The debut album from Trivium was extremely impressive when taking into account they were in high school at the time of writing and recording it. The group became somewhat of an underground phenomenon after this record for being able to play at such a high level at their age. While it may not match to their best, it is still a strong release.

5) Vengeance Falls - This record divided many of Trivium's longtime fans as it saw a change in production and songwriting style. While still heavier than most give it credit for, this record does display some production characteristics of Metallica's "Black Album". I do think "Vengeance Falls" is better than many people give it credit for, although I can see why some feel it is a bit of a slip in their usual quality.

4) Ascendancy - Here is where we hit Trivium's four golden-standard records and it becomes nearly impossible to place them. "Ascendancy" was the bands first album that caused many critics to turn their heads and take notice that they had the capability of doing something great. Here Trivium found the perfect blend between metalcore, thrash and melodic death metal that created their own signature sound.

3) In Waves - The self -titled track of of 2011's "In Waves" might still be Trivium's biggest fan favorite track to this day. While containing more groove than some of their previous releases, some of their heaviest tracks can also be found here. I think this might be the strongest attempt the band has ever made at combining crushing riffs and catchy choruses.

2) The Sin & The Sentence - An extremely rare feat is accomplished by Trivium here, a veteran band releases an album eight records deep into their career that many consider their best. With the addition of drummer, Alex Bent, Trivium was now able to add things like black metal influences that they were not previously able to incorporate. The re-introduction of screaming vocals enthused many fans and the group was able to make some of their most complex yet catchy songs to date leading to a Grammy nomination.

1) Shogun - Not many fully perfect and flawless albums exist but "Shogun" is one of them. Finally finding the perfect balance between their love for Metallica and metalcore after several stumbles, Trivium created a signature sound that was heavy, progressive, melodic, and most of all, memorable. I fail to find one thing this record doesn't excel at. Not only is this Trivium's best album, it is one of the greatest metal albums of all-time.

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