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Ranked: Static - X

6) Machine (2001) - Looking back this feels like a placeholder album for the band, not necessarily bad but there is nothing too special about this record.

5) Start a War (2005) - Some really great songs but the album lacks overall depth keeping it from being ranked higher on this list

4) Cannibal (2007) - A shift in the bands style to a surprisingly more shred based approach, they manage to pull it off better than expected

3) Cult of Static (2009) - By far and away the groups most underrated and forgotten album, some of Wayne Static's most standout guitar solos and a different approach to songwriting, a severely slept on album

2) Shadow Zone (2003) - This record is filled with interesting and fun tracks and closes with an excellent sludge metal inspired song, a very strong front to back release

1) Wisconsin Death Trip (1999) - The bands classic album and for good reason, they brought a fresh and innovative style to the table with extremely memorable songs and a nice implementation of slight nu-metal into their industrial style

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