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Ranked: Marilyn Manson

10. The High End Of Low (2009) - I can only see a truly die-hard Manson fan enjoying much of anything from this album. The record feels very disjointed and directionless. This is easily the biggest blemish on Manson's career as far as a musical standpoint. The album still charted at number 4.

9. Eat Me, Drink Me (2007) - Lacking much of the creativeness Manson is known for. Not a particularly bad album yet still doesn't live up to the standard set earlier in his career. There are fans of this record but I don't think anyone can honestly argue this is one of his better releases.

8. Born Villain (2012) - An improvement over his previous two efforts yet still not quite a return to form. The songwriting is fundamentally solid but the album feels like it's lacking as far as a shocking or profound statements that Manson is known for. This is a good record but never approaches greatness.

7. Heaven Upside Down (2017) - A solid output for an artist that has put out so many records. Some reviewers felt that Manson's lyrics lacked the authenticity they once had but I feel overall he put in a strong effort. For what it is, this is a concise, well-written record.

6. The Golden of Grotesque (2003) -This record received many mixed reviews, I personally think it's a better release than some gave it credit for. You can't expect an artist to be able to duplicate their classics over and over again and if you view this album as a single entity it is a very strong output.

5. Portrait of An American Family (1994) - It can be tough deciding how to look this album. One one hand it is the record that gave birth to one of the generations biggest artist and many great records to come. On the other hand, the record can drag on a bit at times and become too weird for it's own good. I think these two views meet in the middle to be right at the middle point of his discography ranking.

4. Pale Emperor (2015) - This release was a massive success for Manson. Many would say it was his first time returning to form, or at least close to that, since the early 2000's. The record contains the catchiest songs Manson has written in over a decade. This proved he still possess

what it takes to make a great record.

3. Mechanical Animals (1998) - Now we've reached the classics. This is arguably Manson's biggest album. Manson embraced more of a rock n roll and glam style with this album and was met to almost universal critical acclaim. The track listing is loaded with memorable songs that will get stuck in your head.

2. Antichrist Superstar (1996) - This is where we hit the real golden territory for me. Manson's vocals here are so raw and visceral that you can feel them. The record is filled with chill educing moments and still holds up as easily one of the best albums if the 2000's.

1. Holy Wood (2000) - Manson's masterpiece in my opinion. This is his most raw and punk oriented album. The emotion displayed on this release feels truly genuine. I don't feel I would be exaggerating to call this one of the top 20 albums of all-time.

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