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Ranked: Deftones

Deftones are easily one of the most critically respected and revered bands of the 90's generation of metal. The band has released eight full-length albums to date and earned themselves one of the most loyal and devoted fan-bases of any music artist. We're going to take on the difficult task of ranking all the groups studio records.

8) Gore (2016) - A good record with stylistic elements of dream pop and shoegaze, however it is far from the bands best work, which showcases how strong of a catalog they have established

7) Koi No Yokan (2012) - Some of Deftones strongest songwriting as well as extremely diverse vocals and a wonderful mix of atmosphere and heavy riffs

6) Saturday Night Wrist (2006) This record saw the band ditch some of the aggression they had become known for in favor of including more layering and textures and they pulled it off in a way only a band with their level of talent could

5) Adrenaline (1995) - Hands down the bands most nu-metal oriented album and which one their hardcore fans aren't quite as fond as but it does a very proficient job at capturing the raw angst and anger of the mid to late 90's with its mosh-worthy riffs

4) Diamond Eyes (2010) - This record provided a bit of a rebirth for the band as they had taken four years off from making new music, some fans consider Diamond Eyes their strongest work front to back and it's a fair argument to be had

3) Deftones (2003) - This is a very unpopular choice but we feel his album is criminally underrated, some of the bands heaviest and most chaotic tracks can be found here and while it may have more replaceable tracks than their average release it also has some of their strongest songs to date

2) White Pony (2000) - Undoubtedly the groups most iconic record and for good reason, White Pony possess the bands biggest hits and truly is the album that catapulted them into the mainstream

1) Adrenaline (1997) - Few records pack the raw energy and pure unfiltered chaos that Adrenaline does, it is absolutely jam-packed with groovy pounding riffs and is one of the records that defines nu-metal the most

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