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Ranked: Bring Me The Horizon

6) Count Your Blessings (2006) - While I would rather listen to this album than some of the bands more recent records, there is still no doubting that "Count Your Blessings" is sloppy and the production is quite low compared to competing bands of the time. Their peers at the time, Job For A Cowboy and As Blood Runs Black played this style much tighter and more smoothly.

5) That's the Spirit (2015) - The official transition away from metal for Bring Me The Horizon. The album was a mainstream breakout for the group and not bad by any means, it is undeniably good music, however it doesn't make the cut as some of their best material.

4) Amo (2019) - A full embrace of pop songwriting structures for the band. There are some undoubtedly great songs on "Amo" with fantastically clean and crisp production but of course if you are primarily heavy music fan this will most likely not be your go-to release for the group.

3) There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It...(2010) - It was hard to place this record at the third slot as it's such an incredibly strong effort. The band departed from most of their deathcore roots here but still maintained a heavy metalcore style with fantastic riffs.

2) Suicide Season (2008) - This record is a large step up from their debut, keeping the deathcore essence but vastly improving the production and guitar tone. This was a perfect meeting point between the bands transitioning styles of deathcore and metalcore with slight signs of the catchiness they were soon to espouse.

1) Sempiternal (2013) - The first metalcore album to heavily incorporate alternative rock. Arguably the most influential metal album of the entire decade with several iconic songs. Ideas taken from this record can be heard all over today's metal landscape.

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