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How Code Orange Continues to Stay a Step Ahead of the Rest

With the Coronavirus in full-swing, nearly everything from concerts to sporting events have all been cancelled and postponed. This has unfortunately caused many bands to fall on hard times financially with many artists unsure of what to due in this odd time we live in. If there's one artist however that fans know would stir up something to combat the new standard of social distancing, it's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Code Orange. The band was in a very tough predicament having just released their highly anticipated record, Underneath on March 13th with a follow up tour planned but now facing the reality of those plans falling through. A lively and energetic crowd is essential to a metal show with fan participation being the source of motivation for many bands. So what does a band do when all venues cease to promote shows? Well in the case of Code Orange, they decided to play their hometown venue anyway with zero fans in attendance and instead stream it on Twitch for anyone with functioning internet to see.

If you know anything about Code Orange, you know this type of thing isn't anything new for them. With their stream announced on short noticed they still manged to garner nearly 14,000 live viewers to see the group debut several of their new songs. The bands work ethic has been unmatched since they came into the heavy music fans awareness several years ago. With each record Code Orange has further established themselves as innovators. Every album brings with it a new color scheme and aesthetic and several new twists on their sound most importantly.

Not everyone is a fan of it but nobody can deny that Code Orange is always pushing the envelope sonically. Many bands in their situation would've just settled into the hardcore scene that they had risen to the top of but instead the group decided to steer the ship into new territory experimenting with industrial and grunge influence. It also must be noted that drummer Jamie Morgan has now switched to the groups full-time vocalists with an unnamed member joining behind the kit, continuing the constant evolution of the band. The band further brings in their now signature glitchy soundscape and catchy choruses to further separate themselves from their hardcore peers.

Admirable in wake of the virus the band has begun shipping their own merch in order for it to be handled by less people. This only further proves their standout drive and determination. The band has stuck by their morals and vision for what they want to accomplish. Code Orange is perhaps the most important hardcore band since Hatebreed already, still in their 20's. Let's just take a moment to think about how unbelievable that is. Code Orange is always one step ahead of the large majority if their peers and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. Up and coming bands should look to the example set by Code Orange for how to handle their business and promote themselves.

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