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10 Metal Bands To Look Out For

10) Left Behind - A unique hybrid of Pantera groove and heavy hardcore influences

9) Bloodbather - Insanely chaotic, channeling the 90's metalcore sound with a gothic image twist

8) Empty - Already possessing an extremely mature take on classic Solid State post-hardcore after just one album, there is massive potential to be found here

7) Sanction - Taking the idea of heavy hardcore to it's limits, bordering deathcore, fitting a theme of bringing back old school elements to make something new

6) SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Combining elements of the odd and forgotten sub-genre of scene grind along with metalcore in the vein of Misery Signals to make something truly unique

5) Renounced - Bringing back an old school sound of early Killswitch Engage and Misery Signals, with the further implementation of singing they are giving fans of mid 2000's metalcore something new to look forward to

4) Johnny Booth - Despite being around a bit longer than most others on this list, they have really burst onto the scene with their last record which blends an older style of metalcore but with a modern update and some of the best raw vocals you'll hear

3) Alpha Wolf - Already carving out a nice following for themselves despite lineup changes they are leading the charge for the new beatdown hardcore/nu-metal scene

2) Dealer - Featuring former members of Northlane and Alpha Wolf, they burst onto the scene with a crushing beatdown EP and are primed to take over the crown of this genre

1) The Offering - The epitome of the modern metal, they have the makeup to become one of metals next huge bands as long as they get the right promotion behind them

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