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10 Great Comeback Albums

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

10) Scarlett O'Hara - Welcome Back To The Brodeo (2018) - Listening to this album feels like going back to the 2010 metalcore scene in a time machine and in a time where you don't hear that sound anymore, this record serves as a fun bit of nostalgia and the best release from a little known Myspace scene band returning after seven years their last release.

9) SikTh - The Future In Whose Eyes? (2017) - Returning after an 11 year gap in records is not easy by any means, neither is living up to the cult-like status SikTh has built for themselves. While some felt the album didn't live up to the previous records, how could they after all, the record does serve has a slight update on the sound of one of the most original and unpredictable bands in metal history.

8) Slipknot - .5 The Gray Chapter (2014) - Nobody would argue that this is Slipknot's best album, however, coming off of a tragic loss, the band managed to finally return and put out some of their best and most memorable songs and that is more than we ever could've hoped for from this album.

7) Eighteen Visions - XVIII (2017) - Not only was this a return after an 11 year absence for Eighteen Visions, it was also a return for the band to their metalcore/hardcore style after several releases of more commercial hard rock. The end result was arguably the groups best album of their entire career.

6) Architects - Holy Hell (2018) - This record is not a return in the same way many on this list are but it is a triumphant return from the tragic loss of guitarist Tom Searle from cancer. The band managed to fight through the pain and give us one of their strongest records filled with anger, sadness, and pain to make one of the most emotional albums of the decade.

5) Still Remains - Ceasing To Breathe (2013) - This group was once of the most promising metalcore bands in the genre and released a fairly popular record in 2005 that received some MTV play, however after an unsuccessful sophomore album, the band took a long hiatus and was seemingly finished. Luckily they returned in 2013 with an updated version of their sound that was not simply nostalgia but a fantastic modern metalcore album.

4) Bleeding Through - Love Will Kill All (2018) - Almost never will you see a band put out their best album eight attempts into their career but that is exactly what Bleeding Through did with "Love Will Kill All" . The group maintains their hardcore and synth infused style but majorly updates their production value to make a wonderful record.

3) Carnifex - Die Without Hope (2013) - After a short-lived breakup and three year break from making music, deathcore originals Carnifex returned to make their first truly standout record. The band is one of the very few of the deathcore genre to get considerably better with age and is now on a stretch of three straight great albums.

2) As I Lay Dying - Shaped By Fire (2019) - Despite what frontman Tim Lambesis did, As I Lay Dying remained such a vital band to the growth of metalcore that when the band was ready to resume activity many could not help but show interest in their new music. "Shaped By Fire" delivered on the bands signature formula of thrashy heavy riffs with extremely addicted choruses.

1) Underoath - Erase Me - (2018) - A drastic change from a classic band that resulted in divided opinions from many fans but in our opinion a brave and exciting change from the band. Many fans complain when a band changes styles but also complain when a band remains the same, this can leave an artist in a tough position. Rather than be concerned about reviewers opinions however, Underoath returned to make one of the most creatively fulfilling albums of their careers.

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