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10 Dream Tours We'd Love To See

Slipknot, Motionless in White, Avatar - Not only would the aesthetic of these bands fit perfectly together but their tendency for energetic stage shows and musical creativity would as well

Avenged Sevenfold, Gojira, Arch Enemy - While none of these bands are exactly in the same genre, they're all some of the most important bands to modern metal and would undoubtedly pack arena's together

Knocked Loose, Code Orange, Cane Hill - This packaging would be a dream come true for many in the hardcore scene combining the two most influential young bands and a nice change of pace from Cane Hill

Attila, Emmure, Varials - Perhaps the most obnoxious bill possible, it'd unmistakably be an off-the-wall party atmosphere many wouldn't want to miss

The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean, SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Chaos is the first thing that comes to mind when creating this bill. I'd consider wearing football pads if you were going to this one

Korn, Vein, Ocean Grove - A great mix of the icons of nu-metal with two bands they inspired to put their own new twist on the sound

As I Lay Dying, Job For A Cowboy, Crystal Lake - Taking one of the most iconic metalcore bands of all-time, one of the most iconic deathcore bands of all-time and putting them with a younger band that combines the best of both genres

Underoath, Horse The Band, Drop Dead Gorgeous - All loosely related bands held together by the bind of keyboards in core music, you'd be able to hear vastly different styles without feeling like any band is out of place. This would require a Drop Dead Gorgeous reunion however

A Day To Remember, Rise of the Northstar, Get The Shot - A perfect tour if A Day To Remember were to decide to embrace their hardcore routes a bit more for a tour and bring along two of the hardest hitting bands of the current true hardcore scene

Maximum the Hormone, Despised Icon, Nocturnal Bloodlust - This tour would be utterly insane, Maximum the Hormone plays too many styles to count, Despised Icon are legends of heavy core and Nocturnal Bloodlust are an ultra talented metalcore, heavy metal, deathcore hybrid

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