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10 Bands That Were Immediately Successful

1) Linkin Park - No band truly ever burst onto the scene like Linkin Park. After acquiring Chester Bennington as lead vocalist the band seemingly became a world wide smash hit overnight. Hybrid Theory is the only album with screaming vocals ever to go platinum (10,000,000 copies). Not many artists in general let alone metal have ever made an instant impact like Linkin Park.

2) Disturbed - While not our personal taste here at The Metal Buzz, we have no problem giving just due to bands that have accomplished something significant. With their 2000 debut "The Sickness" cemented themselves rapidly as one of the biggest acts in modern metal. The record contained what remains to be one of the biggest metal songs of all-time,"Down With The Sickness" , which catapulted the group to arena status.

3) Korn - How could Korn not appear on this list? I mean they literally gave birth to the most popular genre in the history of metal and while that popularity was short-lived, it left a mark that is still extremely visible in metal today. From the moment listeners heard the opening of "Blind" they wanted more and their audience grew exponentially faster than the average band because of the new aesthetic and style they had created.

4) System Of A Down - While System Of A Down wouldn't truly become arguably the biggest metal band in the world besides Metallica until their second album, "Toxicity", the bands first effort gave rise to their stardom in it's own right. Songs like "Sugar", and "Spiders" remain some of their biggest songs to date.

5) Bullet For My Valentine - The first band in the YouTube-era to make the list. As of writing this article "Tears Don't Fall" has as an astonishing 154 million views on YouTube, which blows any other metalcore band of the time completely out of the water. Even before their debut album the band generated widespread buzz over their "Hand Of Blood" EP. Bullet For My Valentine was destined for notoriety from the second they released music.

6) Black Veil Brides - They might be the most infamous band on this list but there's no debating that Black Veil Brides came into the scene with a massive amount of hype behind them.Their debut music video "Knives & Pens" reached 120 millions on YouTube and skyrocketed the band to fame in an instant and spawned millions of people with either intense love or hatred for them.

7) Asking Alexandria - The scene craze would have never reached the heights that it did if it wasn't for Asking Alexandria's "Stand Up And Scream". The band took elements of classic metalcore and mixed it with a less goofy version of Attack Attack! and created a recipe for success.

8) Slipknot - They would be higher on the list but they did technically exist for over half a decade before their debut. Slipknot sold over a million records with their 1999 debut and were viewed as the nu-metal band that was okay to like for underground metal fans. This record would set the framework for what would go onto be the biggest metal band of the past 20 years.

9) Mudvayne - Following in the footsteps of Slipknot, Illinois natives Mudvayne were album to go platinum with their first effort despite being very progressive and extreme. Benefiting from an outlandish look and the nu-metal wave initially, Mudvayne would prove to have sustained success until their unceremonious breakup

10) Five Finger Death Punch - Hate them or not, there is no denying FFDP is one of the biggest metal bands of the era with multiple gold and platinum records. Starting off with a radio hit "The Bleeding", the band was able to capture a sizable fan-base right from their initial album.

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