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10 Bands Ahead of Their Time

10) Earth Crisis - Largely responsible for making the majority hardcore that followed become heavily metal influenced, now it's rare to find hardcore that doesn't follow the Earth Crisis formula

9) Fear Factory - Ushered in a batch of bands inspired to add groove to thunderously heavy parts, also added the idea of robotic precise drums to metal which is now extremely common

8) Bring Me The Horizon - Solely responsible for the now widespread use of alternative rock in metalcore and post-hardcore, have proved time and time again to always be ahead of trends

7) Underoath - Formed metalcore into what it became with help of a few other bands, had a huge hand in creating scene culture and popularized the post-hardcore side of metalcore

6) Shadows Fall - The very first band to bring melodic death metal into hardcore thus arguably defining what many people think of when the genre of metalcore is brought up

5) Candiria - Expanded the confines of death metal, bringing influences from jazz, funk and hip-hop and helping to set the table for bands such as Between the Buried and Me and The Dillinger Escape Plan

4) Refused - Invented the genre of post-hardcore as it is kn own today, inspired countless bands from a variety of genres, their image began a common dress code for many similar bands

3) Pantera - Created the breakdown which is now largely the focal point of countless versions of core genre's, it is difficult to find a band not influenced by Pantera

2) Death - The masterminds of death metal as well as progressive death metal, pushed the boundaries of heavy music to show more different sounds were possible than previously thought, their influences reaches far past just death metal bands

1) Korn - Brought in seven-string guitars and heavy down-tuning and a huge change in the lyrical matter of metal music, they have a clear influence in more metal bands than perhaps any other

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