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Song of the Day - Xoth - Haruspex

Xoth is a technical and melodic death metal band from Seattle, Washington. Their sound is an excellent mix of brutality and fun...

Song of the Day: Higher Power - Low Season

Higher Power is a quickly rising alternative/melodic hardcore band from the United Kingdom. The band has been highly touted by critics...

The 10 Most Ahead of Their Time Metal Bands

10) Code Orange - Adding industrial to hardcore, creating a whole new unexplored lane in their scene 9) Job For A Cowboy - The first band...

The Top 10 Best Motionless In White Songs

10) Reincarnate - Reincarnate (2014) 9) Necessary Evil ft. Jonathon Davis - Graveyard Shift (2017) 8) Black Damask - Infamous (2012) 7)...

Classic Review: Sevendust - Home

For reasons beyond my comprehension, Sevendust has never gotten the praise or credit they deserve as a band. While goofy and...

Song of the Day: Viscera - Immersed in Ire

Viscera is a brand new band lead by former Sylosis and Heart of A Coward vocalist, Jamie Graham. The group mixes a wide-array of styles...

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