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Review: Ocean Grove - Flip Phone Fantasy

There have been few albums in recent years that I've looked forward to quite as much as Australian group Ocean Grove’s sophomore...

Charted: Electronica in Core

This chart is part of an upcoming feature article on the controversial history of electronica in core music. Check out the chart and see...

Song of the Day: Bad Omens - Limits

The song of the day is from one of the hottest new bands in the metalcore scene right now, Bad Omens. Coming off the momentum created by...

Song of the Day: Earth Caller - Spit

The song of the day is from Australian newcomers Earth Caller. The band can be hard to categorize as they incorporate, hardcore, melodic...

Song of the Day: RedHook - Fake

RedHook are a very new band from Australia putting an interesting spin on old sounds such as nu-metal with innovative metalcore...

Ranking the Best Ohio Core Bands

9. My Ticket Home - Nu-Metal, Metalcore (early) 8. Inhale Exhale - Progressive Metalcore 7. Miss May I - Metalcore 6. The Devil Wears...

Review: Five Finger Death Punch - F8

For much of their career Five Finger Death Punch has been the laughing stock of metal, mainly associated with cheesy lyrics, pandering to...

The Top 10 Most Underrated Bands

10) My Ticket Home - Started the new crop of heavily nu-metal influenced bands but get almost entirely no credit for it 9) Divine Heresy...

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